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I'm in summer break now and even I'm not exactly free, I want to improve my drawing since it's very terrible. So I decided to open an Art Request, and it would be around the summer time (from now to the end of August). If you want an Art Request from me, please just comment into this entry.

However, since it's a request and it's free, I will have a lot of limit for the request. Please read them carefully before you make a request or else I won't be bothered to answer yours.
1. Each person only request once.
2. I only accept animation character (from manga/anime anf not comic/cartoon) and do not accept OCs.  
3. Limit 1 request with 3 people inside it.
4. If I read a request and don't like the idea, or I find myself impossible to draw that idea, I will refuse. You can make another request then.
5. If you request a character or a pairing that I dislike/hate, I will refuse it as well. You can make another request then.
6. No threesome/very sexual contents/machines, robot related/animal/dragons/violent scenes with organs.
7. You can request a sketch, lineart or colored fanart as you want, also with which way to draw it (digital or traditional). If you do not tell the detail when you make the request, then I'll choose what I think is fit for my taste.
8. FMA's related is most welcome, especially with Roy and Riza. Next one would be Kaiba/Jounouchi. (But there is a small warning, I like Kaiba/Jounouchi, but I don't like Kaiba,  so if you request Jounouchi's fanart or Kai/Jou fanart, it's no problem, but if you request Kaiba's fanart, I will definitely refuse).
9. I only take the characters from the manga/anime I already knew. I don't really have an interesting to look at the character from the series I don't know about. If you are not sure what manga/anime I already know, just ask me by the manga/anime name and I will reply.
10. I don't know how long a fanart would be finished by me (defend on my laziness…) and I might be forgotten your request, so if I said I accept your request and it still not appear after a month, please remind me again.
10. And that's it. :"> I hope it'll be fun to work with everybody.

P/S: Please comment into this entry and do not send note for anything relating to it. But you can still send me the note for everything else. :")
P/S 2: After received 10 requests, the request will be automatically closed until I finished the request I have accepted and will open it again. I will let you guys know when the plots are full or it still have room.


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Ann H. Joanther
United States
I'm having a huge interesting in blond/blonde characters, especially No.7 (from Musashi number). I like to draw Jounouchi (YGO) too, and my curent interesting is Riza Hawkeye (FMA), though I haven't drawn anything about her yet. But I will, soon. :">

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